Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Di seBAlik Tabir 1977

Tamil actors R Sarathkumar and Namitha did a successful wire stunt at the KL Sentral in Brickfields in Malaysia for their latest movie 1977-History Rewritten.

Popular as "Super Sarath", the Tamil actor has been in Malaysia since Dec 12 with his co-stars M.R.R. Radharavi and D. Vivek, shooting action scenes and a song sequence in and around the city and at the Langkawi sea resort, The New Straits Times said Monday.

Directed by newcomer GN Dinesh Kumar, the film is a story of a man who struggles to correct a blunder in history after 30 years.

A Malaysian actor, not named in the report, is playing the villain, besides a number of local talents, in the film that would be released in April.

Malaysia is a favourite destination of filmmakers from India whose films, particularly those in Tamil, cater to the two million-plus Malaysian Indian diaspora.

** xsaba lak aku nak tgk hahahaha... mesti lawak =))


-icha03- said...

nk tgk...tp..konpom x nmpk muke agus...
x jd la mo tgk....

Es hash ei Ka Ei en said...


mochitsuki said...

aku x faham..

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